Friday, 1 November 2013

Chocolate chip muffin and measles


Free sangat today sampai mampu buat dua entry youuu.

Actually petang tadi at 4, i brought papa to clinic again sebab demam tak kebah2...Though doc suruh trus ke hospital, i saja nak ke klinik dulu to confirm on his condition.
What can i see, the rashes semakin berkurang, but what make me worry is that demam dia tak mau kurang langsung..normally bila kita makan ubat, berpeluh kejap kan , but ni tak ada langsung or i maybe dah lupa on how campak punya effect kot, memang camtu ker apa hehehe.

So, doc kata its confirmed measles...and what to worry about it is it might effect lung.
Measles also boleh merebak to ear an serius case n the worst bila effect to lung and cause pneumonia.
Okay, now measles sound sooo scary to me.

Doc buat another referral letter to Sunway Hospital if i might need to go there in the middle of the night...but i pray that it will not happen.
Tomorrow also klinik tutup sebab Deepavali kan , so if tomorrow also, his condition getting worse or doc mention is as secondary , surat dah ada utk kita straight away to hospital.
Apapun i need to monitor him for tonight and keep on praying that everything is just fine.

Petang tadi also, since im not working today, kids are sleeping and I got nothing else to do...i kemas my kitchen cabinet sebab mata sakit tengok bibik Ayu campak all my tipuware an tupperware dalam cabinet tu.
Settle tu, i godek simplest muffin thinking that kids bangun tidur mesti nak munch sumting kan .

So i made chocolate chips muffin..simplest and barang2 pun senang...

Got 16 pcs.
Dua dah kena ngap.

And balik dr klinik, this is what i served papa..

Air kelapa for the measles.

Petua orang tua2 problem for him as air kelapa is his fav.
Kalau i kena minum ni..hazabbb...i never like this air...!!

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