Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Makeover: My old small favourite oven


Rindunyaaaa kot blog.
Dah lama tak menceceh kat sini.
Honestly , i was quite busy dengan macam2 perkara and now is that i have chance utk mengadap this blog.
Awal pagi tadi i kena attend meeting kat HQ and after the meeting terus balik rumah sebab dah inform awal2 kat bos i need half day leave today since my anak bujang akan 'potong ' today .

Sementara menunggu appointment di klinik at 5.00pm, i ambik kesempatan utk buat one deko entry.

Actually, recently..i ada buat sikit very2 minor makeover kat my kitchen.

Remember this pic...?

This is the cabinet that i install my built in oven and inside are where i put my microwave and my old oven.
I still use my old, small oven as it was easy to handle but after i keep it in the kc, i have difficulty using it as always since i had to take it out, and keep it back in the kc.

So, to ease my work, i took it out and placed it outside, next to tmy built in oven.

I placed my old, small oven at the hot water dispenser and replaced the dispenser to a new place.

My old, small oven new place.
And after replaced it, i bake like everyday.
Even prepare my breakfast using this oven.

My baking work is much more easier, as using the big , built in one is more hassle as it takes time to wait for it to get heated.

As for the hot water dispenser, i placed it under the KC that i put all the milo, tea and coffee.

I found this minor makeover really ease my work.

What do you guys think?

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