Friday, 12 April 2013

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini


Dah lama papa bising2 nak tukar handphone.
Bukan nak ikut style..macam orang sekarang, pantang keluar model phone baru, mesti tukar, ikut style baru.
Kami berdua not that kind.
Dari dulu pakai phone cokia..cap ayam sangat.
Phone sekadar keperluan, as long u can make a call.
Nowadays, function phone is upgraded sket to me.
I need phone so that i can access my FB and able to read blog.
Tho i nak phone yang able to do those smart phone must be in range not more than RM1k.
Yeap..i knew that im so cheapskate but well , for me, rasa sangat membazir la nak spend banyak2 RM K for the phone.
Papa in the other hand, tak kisah on how much u  have to spend on  the phone..asalkan puas hati.
But bini dia dah macam ni kan .
Dia kena redha, ikut laaa spec range harga yang diluluskan 

Actually ive been using my Samsung Galaxy Wonder that papa bought me last year.
Im ok with it, happy.
Phone tu boleh access FB dengan senangnya.
I also able to whatsapp with my fren n read my friends blog.
Enough for me.
Papa pulak, dapat my old phone Nokia c6. old phone tu tak lama, kejap jer pakai dah kong.
Then he bought second hand phone, Sony Experia mini from his adik..for RM200.
Hes been using that for quite some time and the phone tak laa se 'smart' my Galaxy Wonder tu.
Selalu if he want to access to internet while we waiting or kat tempat makan, he'll use my handphone.
So, knowing that our company is gonna pay bonus at the end of this month,he keep complaining about his phone.
I faham hehehe.
Tapi i buat2 tak faham.
I told him , he can use my phone and i can use his.
Lets swap , but he dont like the idea of course.

Few days a go is the climax when he went to JB, his phone mula buat hal.
The battery kong already.
So semalam after work we went straight to IOI to find him a new hp.
Again, since dia terikat with me as his 'menteri kewangan'..he cannot really being choosy.
I told him, the range must not more than RM1k.
Ketat la jugak muka mamat tu hahaha.
But he always respect my 'management decision on finance' ok.
Pusing sana pusing sini dalam Samsung punya kedai tu n finally he made his mind.

Samsung s3 mini.
Actually bukan laaa really his mind pun.
before that ibu ada email him about this.
I heard pun dr i recommend him but  dia tak agree mulanya masa baca my email.
He said dia nak Samsung Note II baru.
Huh, ingat lepas ker hahaha.
Tu yang finally dia pilih this one jugak.
Tu pun after Samsung saleperson tu cakap, this one is 'great'.

Bila dapat this phone, balik rumah..dia tukar simcard.
And do all the setting.
Rupanya dia tukar my simcard into the new phone.
He said, i use new one n he'll take my old Galaxy Wonder. ok with it.
Not so happy sebab cam sama jer dengam my old phone.
But he, in the other hand, sangatlah happy nya dapat my old handphone tu.
Duk la menggodek dr semalam hahahah.

I pulak masuk ofis, ask my selempang friend , si Alynn to install everything for me.

Thank you papa.
And hope u happy with my old handphone tu heehe.
Sian dia..

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