Thursday, 18 April 2013

Award night preparation..


I was so busy this week.
Our team need to manage and handle our divison "Annual Dinner Night" .
I was appointed to handle on door gift,lucky draw and all awards punya gift and certificate.
It sound easy to me masa memula depa agihkan tugas and bila dah berada in the situation where u hv to work together with other team as well to get nomination name, finalization on RSVP and all, i found it quite challenging and tiring.
Dinner tu malam esok and we should be ready with all the hadiah supposely awal2 la kan ..but semalam still need to do our last shopping for the lucky draw punya hadiah.
I pergi with other member in 'hadiah team'.

We went to AEON kat dalam Midvalley and papa sangat baik that he accompanied me and my two friends.
He also belanja kita semua dinner kat Carls Jr while waiting all the hadiah di bungkus.

Thank you sooo much papa sebab sanggup berpenat, balik kerja temankan we all.
Dah la after that dia terus ke JB ada urusan kat sana.
we reach home at 11 semalam n dia bergegas packing for his journey to JB plak.
While ibu soo penat , that i tak sedar apapun ..tau2 celik pagi tadi, papa dah berangkat to JB.

Today kat ofis, my team mate pulak sambung kerja2 menyusun, meletak nombor2 cabutan.

Now kena sambung kerja2 terakhir.


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