Monday, 19 November 2012



We had our lunch at Wondermilk in Publica today.
It was just happened when we were on our way back to office, balik from sending Fareesha, Fara's doter dr ofis.
Hari ni quite special for selempang as one of our geng, Alin dapat her new Viva Elite car n she drove us to Selayang, sending Fara's doter.
Funny thing is that , this is her first time ever driving in KL, n i think just a few time for her driving selama dia dapat her driving license.
Poor her, she so nervous all the way sepanjang her driving n begging for someone in the car to take place..but semua buat derk jer..we really had a good intention tho it look so kejam kan.
Tapi kalau kita tak terus desak dia to drive, it will be a waste la dia beli kereta n bayar bulan2 just to park her car kat rumah sewa dia kan .

Everybody experiencing the same thing..first time ever pegang n drive kereta...but by time, semua akan ok, so to get that, hardwork Alin, please kuatkan hati yer.
Ok, one special pose from her..

Bukti dia drive..that was her in the mirror hehehe..
Ok back to the story of our lunch at wondermilk.

This is what i ordered..
 I think, namanya beefsteak sandwich, n i have it with wondermilk special signature drinks, milk with toffee cost me rm19.90.

Ok, tengok that really not worth it.

This is mine...i would rather pay the same amount for this.
Chicken grill  sandwich..with cheese...which is taste wayyy sedap from the wondermilk sandwich, not that nak angkat bakul sendiri, but well, it really taste great hahahaha

I use grill chicken that i marinate with thyme , basil, pepper n salt.
Everytime i had chicken grill or beef steak for dinner, i will make sure buat lebih sket, n i will keep the leftover in the fridge n i will use it for my lunch box.

But one thing yang membuatkan my lunch at wondermilk tu terubat n worth it is that , i had a really wonderful carrot cupcake there.
It really taste good with cinnamon in it..!!

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