Sunday, 21 October 2012

Selamat tiba


Reached home safely at 8.30pm.
After having our dinner at d'kayanga buffet steamboat at Shah Alam.
The idea to have dinner at that place just cross our mind bila lalu Shah Alam..but it does not really as what we imagine.
Maybe I'll write about that in another entry.

Kami bergerak turun dr Cameron pukul 3.30pm dan after singgah few places, Alhamdulillah, now dah dapat berehat dan pegang notebook on my bed.

Im quite tired after our long journey.
We'll have special entry for this Cameron after dapat gambar yang disnap oleh our professional photographer sepanjang kat sana yer hehehe.

Before I end this really short one, meh kita hijaukan mata..

Soo green and so nice kan...

But tonite tak mampu laaa nak teruskan, insyaAllah, after semua pic dah ada, I'll share the whole story k.

Gud nite all

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