Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Lasagna for selempang


Semalam i brought Lasagna to the office.
Selempang are so lovely that they bought me SR cake for my birthday.
To show my gratitude to all, i baked lasagna for them.
I cook beef sauce the night before and at 6 in the morning, i prepared the white sauce.

The sauce for layering

Im done with layering.
But its not done yet with the grated cheese on top of it.
So i put it in the oven at 6.20am and by 7 was ready.

This is how it looks like when we enjoyed this at our cafe yesterday.
Im happy that i can share this with  my officemate.
But ada jugak tak sempat merasa n to those, im soo sorry.
InsyaAllah , next time , i'll make anothe batch k.
But yang penting, selempang semua dapat makan kan girlss...

And today, im soo in mood to bawak bekal for myself.
Normally i memang bangun n prepared macam2 utk Aniq bawak bekal, tapi buat small portion , only for him.
Today, i buat lebih utk makan dalam kereta, otw to office as i need to take my medication before 8am.

Dapat 2 container of this club sandwich, n i share it with hb in the car.
Sampai kat  office, still got 3 pcs and i bagi my 'neighbour' in the office merasa.

And while preparing the sandwich for his bento, Aniq cuma makan toast with melon milk as his breakfast today.
He always refuse breakfast yang berat before ke sekolah, he said, dia akan ke toilet kalau makan berat2.

Owh talking about medication, it was actually ubat yang i kena amik due to my bad headache that i share in previous entry.
I thot the headache akan hilang the next day, but it getting worse by day.
The whole day in the office semalam, i really cannot bear the pain.
So sampai jer rumah semalam, I asked hb to bring me to clinic.
Doc give me ubat2 yang i kena amik for 3 days n kalau masih tak ok, i need to see the doc again.

I really wish , cukup laaa dengan ubat yang ada tu hehehe..

N balik dr clinic semalam, I dah kena start ambik ubat n terus rest.
So before amik the ubat, I buatkan twin their milk.


Before i sempat tengok, one is already selamat!!!

Aleesa masih ajak bermain, but tak lama, after  that, dia pun dah naik sekapal dengan kakak.
Barulah  ibu dapat tidur dengan aman after that..hahaha..

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