Sunday, 14 October 2012

My birthday, baking week with cuppies and lasagna


I have time now to sit down, pegang this notebook at home, on bed...
Kids are still playing...baru angkut naik ke bilik.
They had their nap at 7pm and when their mummy arrived masa maghrib, they both woke up moody.
Baru sangat tidur kan .
They missed mummy so much that they keep on sebut ...but when mummy is here, mood plak tengah tak betul.
Mummy also here sebab missed them so much.
By the time mummy dah nak balik then, baru mood diorang nak ok.
And now mummy dah balik, n they started to 'cargasss' balik.
At what time la dorang akan sleep ni haaa..

October already.
Its my month.
My special day is in this month.
This year, 10 October is on Wednesday.
Working day.
Selempang geng are sooo lovely that they surprise me with the birthday cake.
They bought me my fav Raspberry Yogurt Cheesecake from Secret Recipe.
Last year , when they surprised me with a slice of cheesecake , also from SR and a jar of cookie from Famous Amos, the surprise not really a surprise as i can actually smell them.
But last Wednesday, i was busy with the audit  thing.
I cant join them out for lunch as usual.
And that was the time ..they successively surprised me.

It was almost 3 pm when one of the colleague, Cheda attend me with the question of audit and etc.
It kind of weird to me when Cheda seem like interested about the audit thing and such.
But it didnt cross my mind at all that it was planned.
When Cheda attend me, the selempang was busy setting up candles on the cake

Suddenly while entertaining Cheda, I heard Happy Birthday song
They already behind me.

Lovely selempang...kan ???

The cake and the candles...ermm... well, still young huh..

This is Cheda..the actress...cutting the cake to all.

Passing it over to officemate..

And they handed me this lovely card...

sweet word




3 of them...soo wonderful to have all of u hehehe..

So thats the story of my birthday.
Owh hubby is postponing the celebration to the day we r goin to Cameron next week.
Let see what he's up to.
But he handed me a pre gift..

He know i love Sidney Sheldon, Virginia Andrew,Judith McNaught..and yes, i dont read this yet.
I know about this one but i really dont have time like old time to read this kind anymore.
And  yesterday i manage to finish this book...just in one day.
Ending up i woke up with really bad headache today...its been quite sometime that i dont really read like that..but once i start with the novel book, i really cannot stop until i know the ending.

But even i was too crazy spending time with this book, i still manage to bake muffin for the twin.

Chocolate chip muffin.
It does not take so much time, as muffin is the easiest and simplest 'cake' to make.
And they love it soo much,
This is my first time of baking muffin at our  new house.
Last time, when we were at Kinrara, muffin is a everyday 'jajan' for Aniq.
Twin were too small to enjoy it at the moment.
And now this is the time, my muffin enjoyed by them.

They tried to give 'best' sign hehehe..

Adik menyanyi2 dapat muffin heheh

kakak is not giving up yet..nak buat sign

I manage to get more than 30pcs, as i make it in small papercup.
So I ask Aniq to give some to next door neighbour as they had 3 little girl..age 4 to 6.

Hb dont really fancy cupcake, so, for tea..i made him sardine roll ..the way he like it, with double coat.
I serve this outside...sebab hb is soo busy with his 'taman'

So we enjoyed minum petang outside...n for the 3rd round, both Aleesa n Aleeya, menyibuk for muffin again.
This is soo nice ibu..hehehe

Thank you sweet darling, ibu pun happy  to bake  for both of you.
Owh ..Aniq respond is quite funny..when he saw me baking again, he said..
Owh seem like i have to eat muffin again n again n again thru out the day hahahaha...

N he was right when this morning, i woke up with the idea of baking another batch..
Thinking of healthy one n ending up baking this..

using thisss...

healthy enough huh..hahaha

I think i was happy baking this week.
Last few days, I baked Lasagna for dinner.

Hb loves it, Aniq pun sama.
Budak berdua tu, tak yah cakap la,  half of it was actually diorang la yang bedal.
Alhamdulillah, im happy when semua in the house happy with the result.

This morning,i google for quiche lorraine n thinking of preparing it for breakfast as i have all the ingredient, but hb ask to have breakfast outside..
He said that my oven need a break too but it doesnt really happen when i bake that 'healthy muffin' soon after we reached home hahahah.
Kesian u oven...hehehe

So thats the homelicious story to share  this week.
I cant wait for our holiday this weekend at Cameron.
Cant wait for the surprise hb promised me...surprise ker kalau im waiting for it..kind of la kan because still i dont know what he's up to rite..
But what u r doing today is also good enough for me .

Heehhe, cuma kalau ada lagi hadiah this weekend, lagi bagus kan ...heheh

My Aniq ..baru start nak study sepanjang setahun dah sek standard 4 ni, tu pun sebab esok nak exam..huhuhu

Ok laaahhh, before stop, nak share satu pic, fesyen hijab yang we , muslimah can share ...heheheh

Till then, daaa....

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