Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Thank You..


Ive been in my positive mind and mood since last puasa.
Even so many tragedy happen and  i cannot go back to my hometown, despite of all kesusahan, ujian, i feel soo calm.
Last night, my positive mood gone.
My car broke down when i send my niece to BTS that day.
We opted for the small motor to the office because papa's motorcycle (legend)  also broke down last week.
Ending up, the small one make problem on our way back.
I pick up the girls at 7.30pm last nite.
Im sooo tired.
Thats not it, when we were about to sleep, suddenly everything become so dark.
Fan is stop working, air cond off.
Owhh, power trip.
Papa go down n check.
One of the circuit breaker in the DB make problem.
Dont know from where.
So papa only 'off' one of the CB that make problem n we can still have light and air cond on in our room.
That was it.
I suddenly feel sooo sad, sooo down, that everything happen in just one 'go' like that.
Cant the car , the motor and the electric problem take turn.
Im soo tired!!

But today when i woke up, i kiss my little girls and my bujang senang...
I feel sumting then .
I feel the energy, i feel the excitement and i feel the happiness.
That was only small test for us.
I keep on ucap syukur..and i can finally smile this morning.

Thank You Allah for giving sooo much.
That you for remind me with this small test.

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